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Pega Vision & Technology

We’re on a mission to change the way the world builds software.

We love software. It’s the lifeblood of business. It can transform customers into loyal fans. It can turn employees into productivity ninjas. It can make you a master of change and a disrupter of markets. But today’s enterprise can’t run on software designed for yesterday’s small or mid-size business – you need software built for your scale and complexity. That’s what the Pega Digital Transformation (DX) Architecture is all about.

"When I started Pega, it was with the vision that we could create a visual language to enable business people to more directly instruct the computer how they wanted things to work."

Alan Trefler Founder and CEO

Real-time intelligence and next best action

Proven AI. Laser-focused on customer engagement.

Awesome customer engagement means delivering best-in-class experiences that boost your bottom line. Personalized for the customer. In the moment. Optimized for your business. Smart. Fast. Everywhere.

These benefits aren’t theoretical. AI should be more than just a cartoon and a marketing pitch. We build battle-tested AI technology that lets you take the right action at every interaction by crunching millions of data points in real time. Make an offer. Initiate a retention plan. Predict a problem before it happens. Take the next best action for your customer and your business.

Pega learns on the fly, no data scientists required. And we work across all channels, so you can deliver next best actions everywhere. On the web. In a store. Mobile. Chatbots. Some crazy tech that hasn’t been invented yet. Your customer will be there. With Pega, you can be there, too.

Act in real time

Real-time, Omnichannel AI

From mobile to web to chatbots and beyond, optimize every customer interaction for both experience and value.

"I always hated the term ‘workflow.’ I always thought it should be ‘work-do.'"

Alan Trefler

Go beyond deploying bots.

Go beyond deploying bots or automating tasks. Think end to end and put customer outcomes front and center.


Software that gets work done. Period.

We get it. Bots are cool. But robotic automation alone won’t transform your company. End-to-end automation will.

To start, you need to step into your customers’ shoes and understand the outcomes they want. Work backwards from there. What needs to be done? Who needs to be involved? What silos need to be smashed?

Pega’s award-winning digital automation is your secret weapon for getting work done. We start with case management. Cases are outcome-driven, like an order to be fulfilled or a new account to be opened. They integrate across systems, automatically pulling in the data you need. They bring together AI, BPM, and our unified robotics to automate everything from simple tasks to unpredictable processes. So not only can you think end-to-end, you can work that way, too.

Think end-to-end

Prescriptive delivery methodology

Achieve real business outcomes with Pega Express

Digital transformation is undoubtedly a BHAG – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. But that doesn’t mean it has to be risky or hard to get started. You can get there if you think of your business as a series of microjourneys – lifecycles of work that deliver meaningful outcomes for your customers or users.

Start by defining your microjourneys, like onboarding a new client or buying an additional product. Then identify the personas involved and the data required to do the work. From there, you can quickly select the microjourney that has the right balance of business value and effort – that's the microjourney to tackle first from end to end. Pega fuses AI and automation, so you make the right decisions to drive engagement and smash through silos to make the experience seamless. Starting with a microjourney means you think in your customer's shoes, build for an omni-channel world, and get value fast. Our implementation approach, combined with our low-code platform, gets you from idea to results in a matter of weeks – and our patented architecture means you can easily scale from one microjourney to hundreds.

Show results fast. Reduce risk. Continuously innovate. That’s the power of Pega Express.

Learn how

Transform one journey at a time

Bridge the digital gap between the front and back office by transforming your business one journey at a time.

Pega's patented architecture

Our patented architecture makes it easy to differentiate, specialize, and reuse business applications.

Multi-dimensional power

Start-up speed. Enterprise power.

You want fast? We got fast. But for the enterprise, fast isn’t enough. You need security, stability, and the power to tackle complexity.

We build for speed and scale. We eat complexity for breakfast. We solve the hard problems that other software can’t touch. Our patented architecture matches the dimensions of your enterprise, so you can scale endlessly, effortlessly, and efficiently.

Pega designed our technology from the ground up to manage the complexities of a multi-dimensional business. We capture the variations for each dimension in a patented architecture called Situational Layer Cake (we know it sounds funny, but the results speak for themselves). Everything built in Pega – processes, rules, AI, data models, UI – is organized into layers. You can roll out new products, regions or channels without copying or recoding the application, maximizing reuse while giving business owners control.

Our DNA is driving rapid transformation that goes wide and deep across global organizations, so even if you start small, rest assured Pega can scale to the size of your vision.

Build for the scale you need

Software That Writes Your Software™

Stop coding. Start designing.

Traditional software development – the way you work today – is broken. It’s slow. It’s expensive. It fails to deliver.

There’s a better way.

With Pega, engineers don’t “code” apps – business and IT design software together using groundbreaking visual tools. No requirements docs or spec sheets that nobody ever reads – you capture everything directly in Pega’s visual models.

Once you design it, Pega automatically generates the software. Tunes the software. Future-proofs the software. Automatically implements that fancy Javascript library your UX guru is rambling on about.

This goes way beyond low code. This is software for the post-code world.

Apps built in Pega go live 6.4x faster than coded apps. Change in Pega is 8x faster. Your world is changing faster than ever. It’s time to change the way you build, deploy, and evolve your software.

Change the way you build software

Stop coding. Start designing.

Build the apps you want at the speed you need with our groundbreaking visual tools.

Cloud choice

Can your cloud handle the complexity of your enterprise? Get the flexibility to build the model that works for you.

Cloud choice

Deploy anywhere, without lock-in

Many clouds are built on architecture designed a dozen years ago for companies 20 times smaller than yours. You start fast, then find out your app won’t scale to meet the security and data demands of the enterprise.

We know cloud isn’t “one size fits all,” so with Pega you have the flexibility to build the model that works for you.

  • For the fastest ROI, run Pega Cloud, powered by modern Amazon Web 山东体彩11选5 (AWS) infrastructure and a certified, global operations team
  • For maximum control and connectivity, deploy a cloud you manage and keep your applications close to your existing systems
  • If you have existing partnerships, deploy on their clouds

Whatever you decide, you aren’t locked in. You can move from one to the other. Start development on Pega Cloud and deploy on premise. Mix and match with different applications and different needs, and deploy on different clouds. The choice is yours.

Demand flexibility
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